St Mary's Kilburn

Church of England Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Pupil voice

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


What helps you to learn well?


Our teacher is good at explaining things – Year 5 child


When other children share ideas I can learn from – Year 5 child


When my teacher shows us what to do and gives us an example – Year 5 child


If I don’t understand something, I can ask for help – Year 3 child


My teacher reads my work and tells me what to do to make it better – Year 1 child


When you see the teacher do it first – Year 6 child


The steps to success mean I know what to put in my writing 0 Year 4 child


I am learning harder things – Year 2 child


What do you most like about St Mary’s?


Prayer leaves in assembly because it’s good to hear other children’s prayers – Year 5 child


When we pray together – Year 5 child


Christian Meditation makes me feel so calm – Year 5 child


Christian Meditation – it drains away my worries – Year 2 child


The time that I can speak to God – I can tell him anything I am worried about it – Year 3 child


That I can talk to God every day – Year 1 child


That we have an inspiring motto – “Go shine in the world and live as Jesus live with compassion, honesty and integrity” – Year 6 child


Our Christian values – Year 6 child


Everything! I like everything we do – Year 2 child


I like learning new things – Year 4 child


Doing lots of work – Year 3 child


Showing the teachers what I can do – Year 6 child


We feel safe at school – Year 6 child


If you don’t know what to do, you get the help you need – Year 2 child