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Physical Education and swimming

Children take part in PE lessons every week following the full National Curriculum. We want all our children to be able to swim at least 25 metres comfortably by the time they leave our school. In order to achieve this, one year group has weekly swimming lessons at the local swimming pool for the whole of the academic year. PE is taught by a qualified PE instructor. During the first part of each of these lessons, children are taught a specific skill (e.g. football dribbling). During the second part of this lesson a competitive game is played where this skill might be practised (e.g. football). These longer PE lessons really get the children active and promote fitness. We have a competitive Sports Day annually, which is held at a local park. We run different sports based clubs termly, e.g. gymnastics, football and martial arts, which are open to all children. We also have boys and girls teams who compete in borough inter-school competitive sports events. We run an invitation only PE club for those children who are not confident in PE sessions in order to help them to increase in confidence.