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Learning about Christian social justice

  • As a Church School we believe that God has a plan for creation, a plan that still exists in our modern world. Our belief in God must not be limited merely to the 'spiritual' world or what we do at church on a Sunday, but must permeate all aspects of our lives as responsible global citizens.
  • We teach the children about the dignity of the human person, how we are called to live as a family and community, about rights and responsibilities, that we are called to stewardship, our responsibility for the poor and vulnerable, about the dignity and rights of workers and about solidarity and the promotion of peace. We do this through RE lessons, assemblies, outside visitors, through drama, debate and first-hand experience. As a result, our children feel that they are making a difference to the world by having an impact on Social Justice. 
  • Our children tell us that they have changed their own attitudes and behaviour because of what they have learned. For example, asking their parents to buy fair trade products!